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  1. Hey all, i just saw in Costco that they have this TDK PrintOn 8x DVD-R and DVD+R for $33.00 for pack pack of 50, (in canada).
    These are made in Taiwan and that's about all I know, my question is are these any good, how can I find out what code they are, I looked on the pack but I didn;t really see anything unless I wasn;t looking in the right place. Please tell me what you think, it is a good deal, but is it worth it, I hate crappy media.
    Thanks guys,,,,,
    Here is a pic:
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  2. I saw these and i was wondering the same question and i noticed that on the printout, it says "made in taiwan" but there's another french printout over it and it's says "made in india"???
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  3. It used to be 44$. Did costco drop the price?
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  4. The price has dropped, but no one has answered my questions. Do you know anyone who has used these, are they even worth my time...
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  5. I use these all the time when using my Pioneer 220 DVR and have yet to have an issue. I got them from my local Canadian Costco (Langley, word up!)

    Here is the info from DVD Decrypter
    (if I had any idea what all those scan images ment, I'd do one too, if someone cares to explain in plain english, ill fire one up)

    DVDRW IDE 16X A07M (USB)
    Current Profile: DVD-R

    Disc Information:
    Status: Empty
    Erasable: No
    Free Sectors: 2,298,496
    Free Space: 4,707,319,808 bytes
    Free Time: 510:48:46 (MM:SS:FF)
    Supported Write Speeds: 4x

    Pre-recorded Information:
    Manufacturer ID: TTG02

    Physical Format Information (Last Recorded):
    Book Type: DVD-R
    Part Version: 5
    Disc Size: 120mm
    Maximum Read Rate: Not Specified
    Number of Layers: 1
    Track Path: Parallel Track Path (PTP)
    Linear Density: 0.267 um/bit
    Track Density: 0.74 um/track
    First Physical Sector of Data Area: 196,608
    Last Physical Sector of Data Area: 0
    Last Physical Sector in Layer 0: 0
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    If they are genuinly TTG01's or TTG02's they are top notch media. I find it confusing though about the "made in taiwan" or "made in india" (INDIA ????????) bit. The TTG01's I've had in the past had "made in japan" printed on the box. Crikey, talk about confusion ! Where are they made in eventually ?

    Could they be fake ID's ?
    I thought TTG01's were 4x supporting and TTG02's were the 8x supporting..............
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  7. I threw away the packaging LONG ago, but I can guarantee they were not made in india. I would have walked right past had they been. I think the package may of said 8x on them,but my external DVD burner reads them as 4x, who knows. Regardless, they work without flaw on my 220-s (since they're 4x, I don't bother with them for PC stuff)
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  8. Awesome, thanks Koleman.
    Basically the id tells me that they are 1st class media, as quoted by

    Almost flawless burns with 95-100% reliable results:
    PVC = Pioneer = (-R)(-RW) ... media is no longer made
    MXLRG01, MXLRG02 = Maxell = (-R)(-RW) ... be aware of fakes
    TAIYOYUDEN, YUDEN, TYG01, TYG02 = Taiyo Yuden = (-R)(+R) ... be aware of fakes
    MCC = Mitsubishi Chemicals = (-R)(-RW)(+R)(+RW)
    TDKG02, TTG01 = TDK Corp = (-R)(-RW) ... be aware of fakes"

    I don;t think that these are fake since we are talking about Costco, this answers my question completely.
    I have the TY inkjet 8x and the surface is too bumpy the Ridata has a better looking printout then the TY,but 'm not too crazy about the Ridata, so this is the perfect solution, good printable finish and quality media.

    The speed is not a factor, I would rather burn at 2-4x speed then 8x, I can wait an extra couple of minutes for better reliability.
    I think I will stick with these until Costco runs out.
    Thanks a lot to all the people that helped.

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  9. Who knows about the made in taiwan/india, it could be the label is made in india and the dvd is made in taiwan....who knows..I will chck it out tomorrow when I buy a set and will get back to you...
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  10. I just got a 50pack of these TDK DVD-R inkjet printables from Sams Clib for $23 and they are ProdiskF1. TDK uses multiple suppliers.

    My experience with Prodisk is mixed..The last batch I tried had several bad (burning) disks near the end of the spindle.
    The OldeMan
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  11. The TDK PrintOn DVD+R I got at Costco are made in India:

    Media code/Manufacturer ID: MBIPG101R04

    MBI = Moser Baer India

    Maybe the DVD-R are made in Taiwan and the DVD+R are made in India?

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  12. Then again it might depend, since we are delaing with Costco in Canada and you are buying from Sam's Club in the US, so they might have different syuppliers,,, maybe?????
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  13. Do a forum search and you'll find the TDK thread
    tgpo famous MAC commercial, You be the judge?
    Originally Posted by jagabo
    I use the FixEverythingThat'sWrongWithThisVideo() filter. Works perfectly every time.
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