Totally wicked-awesome utility! Kudos!

My only requests (in order of priority) are:

#1: Allow for an Audio CD burning session using CD-Extra mode 2/CD-XA. And, if possible, allow CD-text via manual input OR MP3 ID3 tag info. IF NOT: Allow the import of an Audio CD cue sheet to append an Audio CD session. Right now, in order for me to add an Audio CD session to my VCD's, I have to import the VCD/ISO data and Audio CD cue sheets into FireBurner, respectively. The only problem is; this does not prevent the VCD and data tracks to be "hidden" from stand-alone audio CD players. (Typically, stand-alone audio CD players only recognize the first session burned to a CD.) I don't know any other way to get the audio to burn in session 1, and the VCD and ISO files to burn in XA session 2.

If anyone knows a way around this, it would be greatly appreciated!

#2: Allow "hidden" attribute of files under the "ISO Files" option. It would be nice to hide system files and "autorun.inf" files from someone snooping around the CD!