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  1. This is what I call a 'Scratch Guide', that means I assume you are already competent with using the tools listed, or their use has been well documented already on the site. Definitely NOT for beginners.

    Tools needed:

    1 Nokia N-Gage QD (obviously)
    Smartmovie (from Lonely Cat Games)
    XVid Codec for PC
    XVid Codec for Symbian S60 (from Lonely Cat Games)
    Nokia PC Suite (for N-Gage QD)
    AudioDub 1.5 or greater.
    A DVD of your favourite movie

    First off, if you have installed Realplayer, uninstall it and get yourself Lonely Cat Games Smartmovie Player (You dont need the PC Converter - this way is better) and the XVID Codec for your N-Gage QD (available from the Lonely Cat Games site). You also need a MMC card with 128Mb free for your movie to go on.

    Use EasyVCD to rip your movie to an XVCD on 1 CD, MPEG file only

    This took 1 1/2 hr on my 2.2 Gig laptop.

    Load MPEG into AudioDub

    Compress audio using MP3 16bit @ 16000Hz Mono

    Reduce Video Frames to 15 if NTSC film, 12 if PAL film
    Resize Video to 176x144
    Compress Video using XVID or DIVX (I prefer DIVX for a smoother judder free movie)
    Save AVI file

    This took 2 min on Laptop

    Transfer movie to N-Gage QD root directory of MMC card using PC Suite (this took over 20 min bluetooth is sloooooow)

    Run Smartmovie Player on N-Gage, go to browse files and play your movie!!!


    Original DVD of Bruce Almighty 9Gig
    Smartmovie DIVX file 71Mb, better quality than Realmedia equivalent


    Do not use 'div3', it doesn't work on my N-Gage QD - 'divx' or 'xvid' only in my experience.
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  2. That it, that the guide!?

    Without any screen shots.
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  3. Yo roma_turok - as I said dude - it's just a scratch guide, not for beginners - just the basics. If I get time I'll do a more in-depth one with pretty pictures etc (I'll let you know when it's done). This guide was purely to get the essential parameters to those who needed them as the tools used are quite common and have many many tutorials on their use in these forums.
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