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  1. I just emailed Epson to see whats the difference between the R800 and the new R1800. From what i understand the Gloss cartridge is what make the inks smudge/water proof. The option to use the gloss is greyed out on the R800 so you can't use it. if anyone knows the answer please let me know. Also are these Canon Pixma printers that can print on cd/dvd are they smudge/water proof?
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  2. No, the Pixma printers (from abroad) are not smudge/waterproof. But from what I understand, the ink that R800/R1800 use are not really meant for CD/DVD printing -- something about the ink not exactly compatible with the printables' surfaces.

    Wouldn't the R1800 have to use a LOT of the "gloss ink" to protect an entire printable's surface? It's an intriguing idea if it actually works.

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