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  1. I wouldn't concentrate so much on the labeling but the If you're DVD backups are degrading I would look at the media. What brand?
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  2. He already concluded that the labels were the problem, lets see what happens after more testing, hope he will post again if the problem returns.

    As for balance, i also strongly doubt that its a problem but keep in mind that cheap noname korean/taiwan players used to be very popular and still being sold. Remember when Hyundai used to be a popular car brand? Where are all the Hyundais now? Scrap metal, just like everything else from Korea.
    I would try in a decent player before removing the labels.
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  3. Well......This was a "Bad Luck" thread for me!!
    I never had any problem before, after posting my last replay - one starts, and the label on it was WAY off-center (must have had cheap ones at the time?) - However, that allows me to answer another question, concerning removing labels FULLY...
    Hear is what I did. (and NO ADHESIVE AT ALL WAS LEFT)....
    Use something called "Goo Gone" to soak the label (doesn't take that much - but be advised - that stuff IS kind of expensive, but you don't need much of it) - let it sit for about 2 mins. or so - you can then get your finger-nail under the label - pull off slowly. - If you feel resistance at any point, stop and pull in a different directions (if need be, apply more "Goo Gone" to the stuck spots and wait), once label is off completely, there will still be SOME adhesive left - to get that off, wet a wash-rag with "Goo Gone", and go over the label area with it (add more of that solvent if need be) till there is NO adhesive left.
    Dry the whole disc with a clean, soft rag.
    Next Clean the reading side of the disc well..
    That's it, now the disc if just like no label was ever there.

    NOTE: I did stick a different label back on, but apparently a better one, and it's now working fine...
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  4. NOTE: I did stick a different label back on, but apparently a better one, and it's now working fine...
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    Originally Posted by Shocker Milwaukee
    I don't think balance is the issue. The great majority of my DVDRs have masking tape labels. That's way more unbalanced than a slightly off-center label. All of my masking tape DVDs play & scan just fine.
    You're right. It is not a balance issue. The labels shrink after they are applied due to changes in temperature and humidity. This then causes the discs to bow up slightly on the outside edge which creates a focus problem for the laser. This is much more critical on DVDs than on CDs. If you will notice, all DVDs are a sandwich of two layers of plastic. This is to allow the reflective layer to be closer to the laser in the drive/player. Only a slight change in this distance is enough to cause major read probems.
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