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  1. I have my box set up so the only thing I do as an admin is install progs and xp updates and mucking with the config. I prefer to do all my day to day surfing, burning and the like in non-admin user mode. I think while it is not foolproof it is safer and at least will not make me easy or rather easier prey for malevolent cyber forces.

    Anyhoo, I have been tryin to tweak VCDEasy to allow me to burn as a user but to no avail. I have surfed for an hour and the closest I got was to be informed the vcdeasy.ini is noe in the user app data folder. I tried copying the ini over to the user side but still nada. Is there some minor alteration I can perform to the copy or another less messy way of telling vcdeasy that I am a good man with noble intentions?

    A link is all I ask of anyone in the know. I'm having trouble finding one.
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  2. I have the same problem. If someone has the solution, thanks to him!!!!
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    You need to allow administrator rights to that program against your username..

    Modify the user rights logged in as administrator.
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  4. OK, but I read 'from version 2.1.1, the settings.ini file can be in the application data folder. This is iseful if you want to run VCDEasy with non admin rights'. THIS is the real issue to solve. I didn't find any setting to setin VCDEasy and I never saw the file 'settings.ini', too.
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  5. I have a solution though it is quite stupid one. I don't know if it right for your needs and as I said it is not very comfortable.
    I have found accidentally a free burning software named CDBurnerXP (Google search) and at the website there is a hint that this programm can communicate with the burner from non-admin account. This feature must be activated from admin account and can be used afterwards from non-admin. The progie is quite buggy so I will not recomend to use it.
    But once the access to the drive is activated VCDEasy also can communicate with the burner. Stupidity is that upon reboot you should start CDBurnerXP and close it to activate the access otherwise VCDEasy doesn't recognise the burner.
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  6. No, sorry, for VCDEasy me doesn't simply start to run, if I don't have the admin rights. I'm trying to manage to simply build a cue/bin (S)VCD image with VCDEasy, then I'll burn it with Nero. I cannot even start VCDEasy. Maybe takasan can? How did he manage to do it?
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  7. Ah, well, I think it is probably cause I have an old version (1.1.4).
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  8. Hi!
    The easiest way to solve this is by installing Nero Burnrights. With that you can allow all users to burn CD without being an Administrator.

    It can be downloaded frm

    // Znooky
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