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  1. Hi all,

    Has anyone got PCM to work with mplex from the mjpegtools? The last released version always says "unrecognized format" when I try to mux in a PCM file. After much difficutly, I got the CVS version running, and I've passed that problem; but now it just says "Floating point exception" instead. Does it work for others?

    Are there any other multiplexers that do work? So far, I've found one other, but it doesn't support PCM either.
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    transcode has one also. When I multiplex file back together I use kavi2svcd it sets all of the options for me so I don't need to rember the options.
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  3. transcode used to have one. It got dropped at some point (it's not in the latest versions), apparently in favor of mjpegtools' mplex. I have a copy of an old version, but it doesn't appear to support PCM either. (It doesn't even pretend to, unlike mjpegtools' mplex.) It's tcmplex-panteltje-0.3 -- is there PCM support in another version?

    The other muxer I found was from the siemens_dvb package, also old, also not supporting PCM.
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  4. I'm having trouble with PCM and mjpegtools, too.

    My PCM sounds fine and my video looks fine pre-multiplex. When I multiplex them together

    $ mplex.exe -f 8 -L 48000:2:16 -v 1 -o output.mpeg video.mpg audio.lpcm

    the audio has a loud click about twice a second! I tried this with 1.6.3, but previous versions are doing the same thing.
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