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    Hey everyone, it's been 8 years since you talked about this thread!
    I'm excited how I just finally made a PVD of myself. I have finally got VideoNowToGo working. (VirtualDub 1.5.10 is the version that only works)
    The first time I made a disc using Media Wizard with some Teletubbies scenes, and play it and didn't work because my CD write speed is too fast and there is no speed selector for Media Wizard. That's how I made a bad PVD 5 years ago.
    Then after those years, I finally used VideoNowToGo to make a video for VideoNow. I created a Penguins of Madagascar PVD which Hasbro did not make. I also noticed that PowerISO works and burned the disk perfectly, even with 4x burning speed. Playing my finalized disc works well!

    Here is a video of mine demonstrating the VideoNow PVD The Penguins of Madagascar taken from my DVD Sampler, the one I made:
    I also made a Green Eggs and Ham PVD ripped from a DVD too. After that, I also modded my VideoNow Color FX to allow full sized CDs to be played so I can play 45 minute burned discs like Dance With The Teletubbies Disc 1 which I will get working on it now.
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    Hey Devan found this videonow color player in the back of my daughters closet. It turns on but will not spin to read the disk any suggestions?
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