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  1. Help!

    I have a bunch of footage shot in front of a bluescreen, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to set the blue as an alpha channel / transparent layer in Vegas.

    In something like Adobe Premiere, it is relatively straightforward (just bring up the transparency window, set it to recognize the alpha channel as blue and adjust the parameters... the blue dissapears and the background image shows through. easy)

    But I've been struggling for days to get Vegas to do this... I've searched all the online help places and Vegas tutorials with no luck!


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  2. Its all in the help files Under "Chroma Keyer Filter".
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    in Vegas 4, it's pretty easy - add your primary footage (what was shot in front of the screen) to a video track. select the track FX (little green box with two circles coming out of it) and pick "Chroma Keyer" from the list of effects.

    once the Chroma Keyer opens, you can manually set the color, or you can click the little eyedropper icon at the lower left, and select your background color using that.

    now add another video track and drag your background onto it. it should show up.
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  4. all you need to do is go to the FX tab and drag 'chromakey' over to your clip and drop it on top. A window will pop up to let you make the adjustments you need.
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    if you have shadows on your backdrop, you can add multiple chromakeys also to take care of those
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