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  1. Hi all,

    I just sold my car and got a cheap runaround and treated myself to a Sharp Recordable DVD and VCR combi. Got it all plumbed in to my TV and Freeview box fine, plays DVD's and VHS no problems.


    When I insert a blank DVD, it just says "reading" for about 30secs and then comes up with "Error C104" which according to the manual means "the disc cannot be identified" or "check to make sure this disc is compatible with this unit".

    Mmmm, I then try to record and get "Error C206" which according to the manual means "recording was tried on a disc which does not support recording"

    Ok so I thought the DVDRW's I had could be the problem so this morning I bought 3 more brands of DVDRW and a DVDR, still doesn't work!! Media tried is Sony, Phillips, Maxell and Packard Bell.

    I thought this would solve the problem (hopefully) but it didnt Any idea's at all? Do I need to get a special blank DVD or something?

    Sorry for long post Hope someone can help

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  2. It's ok tech support at Sharp got back to me. Didn't realise the difference between DVD+RW and DVD+R and DVD-RW and DVD-R! Turns out my machine wont record onto anything +, I need the - discs.

    Another example of frustrating compatibility issues with certain hardware and media. Annoying but glads it sorted. Now what do I do with the packs of +RW and +R discs I bought!!!!!!!!!
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  3. yo you still there?
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