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  1. Hello
    this forum has been a great help to me in the past. now Im trying to look into karaoke for a friend.

    these seem to be DVD's. is that correct? will a Mac mke them? any idea how I can lean mac based karaoke?

    Ive tried google but get zillions of stuff.

    thanks and sorry if this is not the right place.
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  2. By Karaoke DVD I assume you mean have the music play while the lyrics scroll past, as if on a TelePrompTer? Or did you mean create the music by stripping the vocal from music files? The latter can be pseudo done with the free MP3 player Audion. And I think you could probably use something as simple as iMovie to create the scrolling lyrics. Save each song/movie in DV format and export to iDVD or Toast.
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