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  1. I have been tring to use various conversion programs. Like DVDx, DVD2AVI,Simple DIVx. When I set up the program and I am ready to encode I get "Illeagal operation" details say invalid page fault often in kernal32.dll.
    Got some info off the web that says system resources could be to blame.
    Did anyone squirm their way out of this error without format c being involved?
    I 'm running windows 98 and norton system doctor shows my resources are OK. I have removed and installed programs and codecs several times.
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    I usually had to reformat when these types of errors became persistant. Could possibly be bad/failing RAM. Another thing to try is running scandisk and diskdefragmentor.

    I have also had, on a few occassions, Norton Disk Doctor... play mad scientist with my win98 installs.

    If possible, Get Win2k or XP, and ditch norton. (Opinion based on my Win98/norton experiences)
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    Check your BIOS to see if the CPU settings are correct.

    I had the same problem, with every program I opened, recently.

    Wiped, re-installed, same, finally checked the BIOS, found that I was somehow o'clocked to the point the machine was unstable, 40 Mhz on the PCI bus, which normally runs at 33.

    Reset to 33, all's well, now.

    I think this started when I blew a 2400 Athlon, replaced with a 2400 Sempron. They have different actual clock speeds.

    RAM is a possibility, though, and I thought it was my prob, swapped out 3 sticks to find the same with all.

    Hope this helps. I see you are showing a 1.7 Ghz CPU, AMD or Intel?


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