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  1. Hi Guys,

    I downloaded a DVD concert and when I try to play the resulting Video_TS folder in my iMac G4 OSX10.3, the show plays fine for about 30 seconds, it then jumps to other parts of the disc. In the middle of a song, it will jump to part of a dressing room interview and then back to another part of the performance.
    Finally it freezes up.

    I burnt the resulting Video_TS folder with Toast hoping that it would somehow magically fix the symptoms and tried to play the resulting burn in my Pioneer 563A. Same symptoms... jumping all over.

    Did something happen during the DL, is this a PAL disc, is there anything I can try.

    I tried playing the VOBs with VLC and same thing happens.
    Can I just burn the VOBs with Toast or Popcorn?

    Sorry for so many qiuestions, but I have read for hours here and can't find my answer.

    Thanks Rocco
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    assuming this is a legal download.... how did you download it? sounds like the symptoms of a incomplete torrent download
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    I've also seen this happen with Usenet downloads as well,
    as if the person who uploaded it tried to fix the IFO
    on their end and it caused the resulting download to
    incorrectly read the chapter marks to the point in
    which it just gives up at the end.

    Looks like if it is worth keeping, you are going to
    have to take the long road, and re-author it.
    *sigh* I don't envy you right now....
    "Everyone has to learn, so that they can one day teach."
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  4. Thanks for the reply.
    I have no idea where to begin with that process having never done it.
    Is there anything that could have happened that caused it to get twitchy?
    Thanks Rocco
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