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  1. hi folks,

    im using a mac G4 and im trying to creat a dvd with several small movies (25 min long each) in chapters that i can choose from a menu.

    so far ive used ffmpex to create mpg files, then demuxed these to create a seperate audio and video files. next i converted the audio to ac3 then import these into sizzle 0.5b2 (ive tried the 2 other versions of sizzle already) but sizzle just chrashed each time i tried to creat a disk image. finally, last night i did a quick test without audio and it made a dmg. file but the video_ts wont play on apple dvd

    so, the audio i have wont import into sizzle and i have no idea what to do now...ive been searching around but still no luck

    thanks for any advice or help
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    I recall Galactica saying he has problems with Sizzle 0.5b2. he recommends using 0.5b1. I recommend using Toast (6.07) with Jam (5.01). You'll also need to have the ac3 codec for Quicktime installed.

    Option #2: MovieGate.

    Good Luck.
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    what happens if you try Toast on just one of these movie files. can it make the dvd? and is it playable

    make sure you save file as disc image so you dont waste a disc
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  4. ok, im starting from the begining again...and going nice and slow so i dont make any mistakes.

    do i convert avi to dvd ffmpegx (converted with ffmpegx) or should i convert it to something else first? cause the way ive been doing it so far,ive ended up with an mpg. file and a TITLE.MPG.DVD and the end of the encode, then i demux the mpg. and end up with a million m2v mp2 files.

    thanks for the advice so galactica, really appreciate it. im sure i`ll get this thing sorted soon and it`ll end up being preety simple but at the moment im at a loss.
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