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  1. I can read my DVD-RAM disks recorded on my DMR-E50 just fine in Windows XP, but I can't read the disks in Windows Me. I have installed a UDF driver so it will read DVD-RAM disks, but when I try to open the folder with the video file on the disk, I get an access error message. I get this in Nero, DVD Shrink and all other programs I have tried, so it must be a problem with reading the file from the disk. When I do a disk check, I get the size of the file to be ~4.4 GB, which it is not. Somehow any file on the disk comes out to be the full size of the disk, and that might be why Windows cannot access the file that is reported to be larger than 4 GB. Any idea how to get around this and read a DVD-RAM video disk on a Windows 9x system?
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  2. You could record on a dvd-r instead, they are real cheap these days.
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  3. Yup, that's my plan...
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