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  1. I'm hoping some here have some experience on a MAC and can help me.

    I have a few anime cartoons that play find on my computer, but once burned to DVD using either iDVD or Roxio the picture is stretched beyond the fram of the TV and the subtitles are all cut off.

    I figured the only thing I would need to do was place a black border around it, but I'm not sure of what MAC based programs can do such a thing.

    I did create a border on the bottom using Quicktime Pro, but it does not show up when burned directly. Now, I've tried to used Cleaner 6 to convert them to different sizes, or burn using the bar I made in Quicktime Pro(which shows up after being converted in Cleaner) and each time the quality comes out very, very poor.

    What are the proper image ratios I should use? 4:3? 320:280? 640:440? Cleaner is a bit of a pain, are there any other MAc based programs I can use to convert my stuff? I have iMovie & DVD studio pro, but am lost while using it.

    ALSO: Can anyone reccomend me any Windows programs that can add a black border to the said cartoon? Worst comes to worst I can work on it with my friend.

    I hope I am not stepping on any toes. I'm pretty new at this, so be patient with me, because I'm a moron.
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    I've have this problem with my anime subtitles being cut off, but not with a mac. I'm pretty sure it's just a general problem regarding the TV and not what you burn it with. As this happens on some of my tv's and not others.

    You could also try encoding them as widescreen and see what happens. They will probably end up looking a little squashed though. Otherwise, on a lot of newer tv's you can change the aspect ratio of the picture and this often helps too.

    Anyway, hope that helped.
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  3. Extract it all with extractor and import into DVD Studio Pro and than place subtitles under it. How to do it? Search this forum, i have explained it a couple of times. Even on how to put subtitles under it and syncing it.

    Here i have already one search for you on subtitles.
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  4. Thanks. I actually found an easier way to do it.

    I just has a period or dash in my clipboard, and hit 'add' in qicuktime pro, and saved it as a stand alone movie. When brought into iDVD, it doesn't show, but when brought into Roxio toast, it does show, and it is what gets cut off.

    I can't fit much onto the DVD, because I assume the file is larger than it would have been if I left it alone, but it's the only thing I have trouble with, as the rest of my cartoons come out fine.

    So I'll have a couple extra DVDs. Big whoop. I save time.

    Thanks for the help though!
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