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  1. So I have an r200 and bought the standard jlwsales or whatever ink system for it. Originally the ink cartridges detected fine, but then a horirble accident occured and my Cyan and Light Magenta completely leaked out, the ink was on an almost level plan, sitting on another printer. Needless to say I lost 2 full containers of ink and justg replaced it.

    Now when I put all the carts in it says "Ink cartridges cannot be recognized" in the Epson Status Monitor and I can not run any head cleaning or anything like that. Could the ink that leaked out done some kind of damage to the printer? Looking in the printer with a flashlight, dumping it up side down ect and I saw 0 ink.. it justg disappeared but it must of got in there and dried up somewhere.

    Any ideas? I really dont want to buy another printer.
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  2. I would have to imagine the ink is somewhat conductive, and perhaps it leaked/dripped/seaped onto the reset chips and/or chip reader portion of the cartridge head assembly.

    I would try with factory cartridges to see if the printer itself is FUBAR or the chips on the CIS carts are FUBAR... Obviously something is screwed somewhere, now the objective is to figure out which piece and replace it.

    Pray its the chip or chips on the CIS cartridges, that would probably be the easiest, cheapest and simplest replacement.

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  3. I put the factory cartridges back in and it says only 1 of them was out (which I think is true) but it still says "Printer is not ready to print" with the ink sign on. I dont remember if its normal to do this or not. I thought you could still print in black ect with 1 cart out but I guess not. Its my cyan that it says is out.
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  4. the printer seems to work ok after reseating hte cartridges a few times, oh and running the head cleaner about 15 times.

    no more ink worries, finnaly!
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    Last time I had similar problem I spent 3 hours trying to figure out what was wrong. In the end I didn't push the cartridge all the way to the bottom of the cartridge holder but left it sticking a little bit out and it got instantly recognized. Obviously the small pcb on the cartridge was not making good contact.
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  6. what i didnt mention before was... somehow a rubberband got underneath the cartridges , the one that comes with them to keep them together.
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