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  1. Hi:

    I have an avi file with 2 audio tracks. I use WMP/Realplayer to play it but the audio are mixed. They are not able to select the audio track. What player have such function?

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    Right Click on the file as it is playing, and mouse down to the "audio" choice.
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  3. Thanks, Downloaded and works well
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  4. Thanks for this thread soopafresh...I downloaded an avi torrent and couldnt get the .srt file to load with .avi...i had done it in the past with one movie and I think I had to use vobsub (otherwise i dont know why i have that sw on my pc)

    I tried playing it through my reliable GOM player but it didnt work (and i had just updated the version too)..this one did and all the other posts seem to be surrounded about getting subs onto a dvd etc.

    Not sure why the video only plays in MediaPlayerClassic...but i like this forum already
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