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    got a new pc hp-media center with windows muvie maker software. i can access the sd card with no problem and download jpg files and jpeg video.

    the camera has 3 settings:


    what setting should my camera be on when i hook it up to the pc?

    i can access the sd card on the camera mode but can't caputere tape on any connection. it always prompts me to check my connection.

    Do i need to use the s-video cable to connect or is the
    OR Do i need to change a video output setting on the camera?

    Thanks for all the help.

    indie b-cause of the freedom
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    Should be on VCR, you connect it the computer with a firewire cable. As soon as you connect it and turn it on to VCR you should get the sound when you connect a device. At this point in time you should be able to see thew cam in my computer.

    Open up a program that can capture video.....
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    The camera only comes with a USB cable for retrieving photos. You need to buy a firewire cable in order to transfer DV.
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