-- I posted this in the appropriate thread in DVD hacks, but I thought the forum folks might like a copy.


No need to download any .zip files and burn firmware unto CD-Rs. It works with a simple remote control. I got this Region Free hack via the Zenith DVB-318 thread, which worked with this DVR-413!

As you know, the LG company makes Zenith brand DVDs, so their hacks work for this brand.

Do this, but only ONCE -- doing it twice DISABLES MULTI-REGIONS (my tips in brackets):

1) Insert Any other Region DVD Film (not Region 2) [N.B.: I popped in a Region 2 film and it worked]

2) Wait until Player Rejects/Ejects the Disc [You can leave it open]

3) Press '0' seven times [ZERO/NAUGHT 7 TIMES]

4) Select Yes when presented with "Congratulations, Region free?" [Enter Button]

5) Power Off Player

This hack can be found at: http://lgregionfree.tripod.com/menu.htm
Specifically: http://lgregionfree.tripod.com/DR4810.txt

Scroll down to Recorder in the Menu.htm page. Although it's the DR4810 which is pictured, it looks IDENTICAL to the DVR-413.

I haven't checked it for Macrovision off, but I did check to see if my hacked Apex with Macrovision off could record a film unto the DVR-413 -- alas it cannot, since these recorders come with an extra copy protection system called CGSM/A. You need to purchase a pricey TBC or a "Clarifier", info for which you can find on the forum (I posted a thread about it last week).

Good luck!