HI im sellign my powerbook for 1400. Some of you might be wondering why is he selling his powerbook for so cheap well because of one reason. I recently found my superdrive on the unit has a small but easly to work around defect. The defect is that when you put a cd in first and then eject it if you try to put in another one after it, the superdrive will take it for a few seconds and spit it back out. Other than that the machine is in good condition with one very hard to notice scratch. Here are the specs

1ghz titanium 15 inch powerbook
512 rdram
64 radeon mobility 9000
comes will all the cables includign vga adapter, svideo adapter, phone, ethernet
wireless ready
comes with marware wetsuit case
comes with toast 6 and adobe professional installation foldeers
comes with microsoft office 2003
comes with quake three arena and quake three unopened
comes with 16mb memory card for digital cameras

all this for 1400, if any of you are itnerested email me at absolutmp5@hotmail.com. Thank you!

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