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  1. Has anybody bought a 4KUS DVR-230 from ASDA (UK)? I believe it's an adapted version of the ILO DVDR-04 model, and looks to be a good budget buy at 139. However I have a few questions, but please bear with me as I'm very much a newbie. Let's say I'm recording VH1 in HQ mode using a RW+ to catch a certain video. Will I then be able to use my PC to edit just that video, so that the RW+ can then be used again? Also, when the RW+ is full, will it need to be re-formatted, or is it good to go straight again? I'm currently using a video sender from the living room to send pictures to my capture device, which then creates MPEG2 files which can be burned to DVD using SONIC software. The quality is pretty good using this method, but I would prefer a DVD recorder copy for the best image reproduction. I've heard scare stories about not being able to read Recorder VRO files (If that's what this recorder uses). If I can edit these files on my PC, I want it to be fairly quick and easy. I've read so many posts on these Forums about re-authoring, encoding etc, and it all seems a lot of hard work for what I want to do. I'm not interested in creating menu driven, edited fancy effects, just ripping the required bit of video from the recorder to my PC. Am I being unrealistic? Thanks
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  2. How come ASDA(WalMart in the UK) puts these out at 139 inc TAX while in the good ol' US they get 'em for about 80 plus ~6% sales tax.

    Does it look the same as the ilo?

    If it is a iLO DVDR04 then I'd love to see the iLODVDHD04 arrive perhaps for about 250!!
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