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  1. Hi,
    I have a 5 month old Akai DVDRW120 that has been working quite well. Recently I have been noticing this problem where the recorder sometimes is not able to read partially recorded DVD +R discs (which are unfinalized). I have to try several times (powering down, ejecting and reloading disc) before I can get it to read the disc. This is a problem as I cannot reliably do timer based recording on a partially recorded disc.
    This problem does not happen on blank DVD+R discs.
    Using a DVD lens cleaning disc helps sometimes but not always.
    I have been using Ritek DVD+R 4x (media code RICOHJPN1) from Newegg & Amazon.
    Any ideas on what may be going on or how to solve this problem?
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    Aside from testing another brand of media (although yours is certainly good quality) I'd start thinking about taking advantage of warranty service on the unit.
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