Lately i have bought some enhanced music cd's with video clips that can be played in my computer. The problem is that when i put the cd in the cd-rom drive....the only thing that plays is the audio, no video clips. Even if i open the cd in windows explorer, or quicktime, or media player, it will only show all the audio tracks and no video tracks. I like to rip the videos of the CD's and make them into DVD's and VCD's. Usually the Video clips on the Cd's used to play by themselves as soon as i put the disc in the computer, but now for some reason, my computer doesn't recognize video clips on enhanced cd's. Just the normal audio tracks.
Do you think that the microsoft SP2 (service pack) might have something to do with it?
The only time i have managed to find a Video clip is when i open the cd in Nero. That will show say 10 Audio tracks and track 11 is a Video Clip. But if i click on the video or try to drag it across nothing happens.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.