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  1. What is the best quality :

    Capture with mpeg hardware or cature to AVI then transcode with software to mpeg? Im talking about working with canopus procoder or canopus hardwre encoder.
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  2. I capture directly MPEG from Canopus MVR 1000 and AVI files from Canopus ADVC 300 and then transcode with software to MPEG.
    I obtain the best results transcoding with software (I use mainconcept but I think Procoder may give good results too) from AVI to MPEG.
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  3. In general, best results can be achieved capturing avi 1st, then encoding to mpeg but many people are happy capturing direct to mpeg. It all depends on what quality you are happy with, how much control you want over the encoding process and perhaps most importantly what editing you want to do.

    If you want to do anything more complex than simple cut and splice editing, such as transitions, efects, titles etc, then avi is the way to go. Editing avi is much better supported and has a wider range of tools. Editing mpeg can be done but few tools do it well and you frequently end up with audio sync problems.
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    I've got the hauppauge wintv pvr250 and it only captures in mpeg. I get excellent mpeg2 quality. And if I need to edit I use the supplied mpeg cutter program or tmpgenc. There's always virtualdubmpeg2 if you need to do stuff with it

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    I think this question is like what's best: Automatic or manual transmission?

    Perhaps one is better - capture methods I mean - but individual's needs and habbits are often more important.

    I have done both for the past years.

    Capturing to AVI requires a good quality video grabbing card - or equivalent circuitry on your VGA - or a TV/Video-In Card plus good s/w. Most cards work well with lot's of different s/w that support capture. It also requires a very powerful computer (to use an efficient MPEG4 codec in realtime or lot's of disk space to use a lossles - but less CPU intensive - codec like hufyuv.

    Capturing with an h/w MPEG encoder is simpler, typically you don't have a choice of s/w to use - just the one that comes with the device - and the MPEG2 stream produced is not easily editable. On the other hand, if you want fast results you can capture directly to DVD specs, author and be done with it.

    My choice for the past several months is the second for the following reasons:
    I want to capture while work on the computer (I can even encode MPEG2 and burn at the same time with no issues).
    I capture to a high bitrate (15Mbps CBR), then use VirtualDUBMOD to trim the capture and save to AVI which I subsequently re-encode to 3400VBR on a 3+1 pass with CCE.
    I want to leave the computer on capturing overnight (8-10 hours on a row) to record late night series broadcasts - the TV stations tend to play all the good stuff when people are sleeping!!! AVI capture & hufyuv are out of the question. Would generate 150Gb of video per day - Just a stress maker.
    The most important issue, however, is that the HW device never gives me dropped frames and loss of audio-video sync - a much irritating problem to work with.

    All the above are conveniences that overweight a slight deterioration of quality of picture compared with direct AVI capture - edit - encode.

    Just identify your priorities.
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    Originally Posted by blackstorm
    What is the best quality :

    Capture with mpeg hardware or cature to AVI then transcode with software to mpeg? Im talking about working with canopus procoder or canopus hardwre encoder.
    I think you should ask yourself "How much time and effort am I willing to put into this?" and also if you are going to do alot of editing then you may want to capture to AVI.
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