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  1. i have some VCDs in NTSC......and i want them to be in PAL.......what is the easiest and fastest way of doing this with out loosing too much quality............
    is there a way of doing this without re-encoding the video?
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    Well, this conversion is usually pointless since just about any hardware that can play PAL will be able to also play NTSC. Regional conversions are really only necessary when you need NTSC output.
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  3. i have video in the USA.......and i have family in INDIA who have a Pal VCD player.........and that is can only play PAL when i send family videos.....i have to convert them......they have stores in india that do the NTSC converstion....but they cahrge money that most people dont have i convert them and send them........that is my problem.................
    i have seen the CyberHome 320
    it has the auto voltage and can output in PAL...i am thinking about just sending that over.......but what will the cheapest shipping method be to send it over there and how can my family in INDAI avoid paying the customs......
    if you have a software suggestion that would be nice
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  4. All of this info is as much as I know - there could be some better solution but as I have done this in the past I think this might be the best way.

    NTSC to PAL conversion will always result in degradation of quality.

    I believe that there is no perfect conversion mechanism as you would (as much as I know) have to literally redraw 25 frames from 29.97.

    one software choice (less preffered) is here:

    However as the other choice and more preffered I would use Vegas Video.

    Of course you would have to uncompress it to avi unless you use mainconcept plugin.

    Then save as avi and encode again as PAL.

    Both of these software's will actually use interpolation so the picture will not have any jerkiness which you would get through multisystem VCR. PAL to NTSC is usually easier and better through vcr.

    You will have some side effect that are trail alike looking but that's normal.

    To avoid those you would probably have to go something high-end but that woud be to explensive.

    Of course you can always use I think Tmpgenc or VirtualDub to simply change the frame-rate but you will get stuttering.

    Hope that I was of some help.

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  5. I've discovered the secret to making a high quality silky smooth NTSC to PAL conversion, and I'm about to write a guide on how to do it if you want to wait...
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  6. bugmenot does your silky smooth method employ encoding ???
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    Obviously it should. The frame dimensions must change from 240 lines to 288 and audio duration must be compensated to match 25fps.

    A shortcut could be to trick the headers into PAL, but this, if succesful, should create a vertical image distortion - I think.
    The more I learn, the more I come to realize how little it is I know.
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