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  1. Sorry if this is a dumb question. Whenever I open VirtualDub, the Input and Output windows are both pretty big. I have to first resize the Input to very small, then do the same to the Output window. surely there is a way to 'remember' the window sizes?
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  2. right click on each window and select a window size (%)

    edit...sorry...I re-read your post and realize that you already know how to do this. I don't know how to make it remember the size so sorry but I can't help.
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  3. Sorry for reviving this old thread, but after 10 years passed, I still don't see any window size controls when right click in webcam capture preview window in VirtualDub. How do I fit VirtualDub window to captured preview size? Is there a command for that like "Fit window to preview" or "Autosize capture window"? Dragging window corners makes inaccurate fit.
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  4. Originally Posted by zamar27 View Post
    webcam capture preview window in VirtualDub
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    The first paragraph may give you some info:
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  6. Thanks, but it doesn't mention that particular feature, only dragging corners and resizing preview window, but not VirtualDub's window autoresize. Meanwhile, its very convenient as anyone can try with free AMCap versions.
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