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  1. I have successfully muxed one .ac3 file and one .m2v into an .mpg, and then into a DVD (VIDEO_TS folder full of VOBs). The DVD creation step came in the form of the mux as... tool - using the .ac3 and the .m2v files.

    The DVD plays back fine with one exception - for some reaon the audio is only on the second track on the dvd with silence filling the first track (i am not referring to left and right here, but the different audio tracks available on the dvd).

    Two questions:
    1. What did i do wrong in order to not have the .ac3 audio on track 1?
    2. What can i do to "fix" the VOB files so that the .ac3 audio moves from track 2 to track 1?


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  2. This is a known bug in the process of being fixed for next release.
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