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  1. I have successfully created a 4.3 GB .mpg, and am ready to author my dvd files. Unfortunately everytime I get to this stage ffmpegX sits and thinks for about 10 mins, and the processors crank away, and then poof ... ffmpegX unexpectedly quits.

    I have removed all spaces in the file's path (without doing this the authoring tool won't fire), and have tried to do it after a fresh restart, thinking it was a memory issue. I clicked on "Open Terminal Window" thinking this will at least give me a window into the process but no terminal window ever opens.

    The end results are always the same, i end up with the first .VOB (at zero k) and the .IFO (also at zero k), after the crash

    This program has been rock solid up to this point, any ideas?

    Thanks a lot

    dual 1 gHz g4 mirrored drive doors
    768 ram
    macos 10.3.5
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  2. UPDATE: Luckily i kept the elementary streams and am now re-muxing the .m2v and .ac3 files AS DVD. This seems to be working.

    I will post again if it is a success.

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  3. Another Update: This indeed did the trick. FfmpegX, once again, didn't let me down.

    I guess the original muxed .mpg was somehow corrupt and led to the crashes ... oh well. Once again, a good reason to keeps all streams around until the whole process is finished.

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