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  1. I fell for the "Just Fit" feature in Ilo HD Model (DVDRHD04) in timer recordings to is recording/adjusting quality to the nearest 15 min...When I set the recording length to 2:05 min it recorded at 2:16 quality (No Name was given in the produced DVD menu) and shows remaining space calculated with the default quality (SP on my machine). Same with 2:25 min (recorded 2:31 quality and named it SPx). And with 2:39 mins it recorded 2:46 quality (no name again). For 2:55, it recorded 3:01 quality (yes it is LP mode). I have noticed that even for 2:46 quality, it it 720x480 - not sure how much that matters in quality - and of 3.3Mbps bitrate.

    Looks like this is a nice feature...get the best quality you want for the a particular recording length. I am trying to record mostly Indian Movies from dish DVR, most of which are between 2-3 hr length. What I am doing is record to DVR when it is live and then calculate approx. length if I remove the ads (using 30sec skips - multiple of 30 sec.). Then, set the recorder timer with my best time guess and play the DVR program when recording started - when I see the ad (usally at every 25/30 mins in a broadcast), i am using the 30 sec..skip button on my DVR. By doing this I am recording only the footage I wanted at the best available quality on 4.7 GB. Later I put chapters for the time where I pressed 30 min skips for ads and hide it....

    The above methods seems to avoid the hassle of re-encoding for best quality by taking SP mode disks to computer(which I thought of doing but never did)

    I have Lite-on 5005 and ilo DVDR04 models but this model has what I want...even though I might not use the HD feature of it...even for higher price looks like a worth buy.
    I am thinking why don't they put this nice feature in to the DVD models and also have with normal recordings (not only timer recordings) - as simple as putting a scroller which increments 15 mins instead of hardcoded (HQ,SP etc., modes) on the mode select screen.

    Hope this feature is a kicker!!!
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    You're right. I think it's VBR recording and its fantastic. Shame it's only on the timer. <g> It came up in the thread :"ILO DVDRO4, $150 may be good deal" on page 9.

    "With the help of Harpmaker on the DC Liteon Forum I did a test of the Just Fit function of the iLo HD04 timer.

    First, I selected "Just Fit" for a 3 hour timer record on a DVD+RW that had been fully erased. The Menu gives the speed of LP next to the image on the menu and the Empty box reads that there is 2 min 23 seconds left on the disc. Harpmaker siggested 1.5 hours to see if it had VBR and would fill the whole disc.

    Then, I set the timer to 1 hr and 30 minutes. After the time had passed and the show recorded, the time on the DVD read 01:30:00 and the Empty space read 00:02:27. No speed was given. It used almost the entire DVD+RW to record an hour and a half show. This leads me to believe that VBR recording is on this machine. Thanks to Harpmaker for suggesting this."
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