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  1. Rats forgot about the replacement policy!

    As stated in this thread. Its a bargan for the price! As Vader said. Impressive... Most Impressive...

    Some thing found out so far....
    6 hour is watachable! Its really crunching it but is watachable.

    Good gravy! It love Frys GQ 4X DVD+RW!!! Even writting to the disk is full! Have recorder about 4 disk with out any problems. No problems at all! WIsh I had grabed some DVD+R. { Minus house here! }

    Did see one time a white band. But none before or after in same clip.

    Quite and cool.

    I am leaning to the felling that the TV tunner is mono. No selection of SAP Mono or Stereo. The Tunner is not bad.

    Its cleanup circuity seem to be pretty good.

    Going to beat the heck out of it but looking pritty good so far. Have some strange tapes including beta and vhs that shoud give it a fit.
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  2. Is there a convenient way to edit out a section of a dvd recorded with this unit?

    I believe with the Philips dvdr615 for example you can add chapters manually where you want them and can then delete / hide chapters. I don't see a way to do that on the iLO.
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  3. I dont think so. Title for chapter on Menu but that looks like the level its at.

    But even not fixing I can read and play it on a computer. So I can have at it on a computer.

    As an addon to move stuff off of my Model 1 Tivo. Its looking pretty good.
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  4. I got mixed feelings about it now, mine is probably going back soon.

    Does anyone else have alot of noise when playing a disk i the ILO?? By noise I mean mine sounds like a loose label hitting something as it spins.
    Now I use that as example, no I don't have lables on my disks, nor are the tops of the disks loose or peeling :P

    Record and playback quality is fine, but the noise is a bother. I don't have that when recording though, only when I play the disks back. Same disks at the TV player don't make noise while playing either. Sometimes it might even sound like a belt drive with a bad spot on the belt. Surley this is not a belt drive Drive

    I am also annoyed now the way it does the disks for recording. I am copying all my 13yr olds tapes from her vacation this year now. I suppose I should use the pause button to stop the recording, but I want each as it's own set of files so I am capturing a tape, stop, setup the next tape and hit record. Nothing ever happens! I have to go into OSM and select record in there. Also seams to default back to TV in at times.

    Why can't people just make stuff that remembers the last setting and stop trying to force us to do things their way!! I am not even turning the thing off, just hitting the stop button.

    Anyway I am working on the last of a LOT of BORRING tapes at the moment. First I Did 1 tape to a disk, now I am recording 4 tapes on this last disk, we'll see how that goes. Quality is good in SP mode, but I am putting 30 minutes on a 2 hr disk doing 1 tape at a time

    So this last disk I am making full with 4 30 minutes tapes!

    Yes I am using +RW also, I plan to delete these after I copy/edite and burn to -R disks. So far I would say the ILO is about as good a quality video as I get with my ATI Card. We will see though, I am Recording on the ILO and Watching on the PC and of course capturing with the ATI AIW at the same time. Latter I will compare the ILO, ATI, and actuall source tapes and look for any difference.

    We just did one DVD today that was all sources, and comparing those I'd say it's all about equal, but the source was VHS-C also though.

    Spambot FOOD
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  5. Do not have the loud noise. Can hear the drive seeking hard on Stop after record and menu access.

    What do you get when you press Video? The unit goes nuts. I know DONT push that button!

    I have notist on people faces it feel strange. Kind of flat looking so to speak.

    When I have mutiple "Clips/Chapters" have problem reading later clips on a computer. Looks like some type of multisession. Need to figure out Fixing the disk.

    EDIT: Forgot one item. Audio is louder on playback. I think they are just summing LR channels from the Tunner or did some value engeering in that section.
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  6. No noise here in mine. My video quality is better than my ATI card.
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  7. Does any know if this unit supported PAL or not(multiple format)? I went to their website, but there is no detailed information there.

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  8. I noticed quite a bit of noise on my iLo. Only when it is reading a DVD. Once it starts reading all seems fine. I don't know how to describe it but it is there on mine. I forgot to post this on my rather lengthy (and poorly spaced) review.

    I am going to keep mine. I just hope that if it decides to quit on me it will quit within the first 90 days so it can go back to Wal-Mart.

    I too have wondered what that Video button is supposed to do. The unit sure doesn't like it when you use it now. Maybe that will be something they will fix in a firmware upgrade.

    All in all I agree with what someone else said. "Quite a good bang for the buck." If this unit can be made better with firmware updates, just imagine what else the unit might be able to do in the future.
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  9. this is a great topic. i was thinking about buying this recorder, so keep it coming.
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  10. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    I may go buy one myself. It may turn into a "rental" unit, but I may keep it if it's good.
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  11. I have seen one item. I dont think its the unit but here goes.

    Playback is on a computer running Power DVD 4.0 with SP.

    Recorder more than six "Chapters". Goto menu. Click on "next page" of the menu or the "Text". You canot go beyond first menu.

    So far super easy to use and looks like idiot proof. Well except for the "Video" button!

    EDIT: Skip it. Its a Power DVD playback problem. Confirmed on all thing a Sharp DV600!. And it hates anything but - material! But accepted a DVD+R! Go figure!

    Also the VIdeo switches output signal between S-Video, Componet and Progresive. It on page 26, left column In the box.
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  12. iLO have posted a manual for the R04! Select download. Select the DVDR04. Its the only entry to select.

    Sorry nothing for the DVDHR04!
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  13. Here's an interesting find, I tried exporting a DV video file from my computer too the ilo DVDR04 and it would not work. So I tried a work around, what I did was connect my Panasonic camcorder to one of the 3 firewire ports on my computer, and connected the ilo's firewire port to the second firewire port on my computer. I did this using two 4 to 6 pin firewire cables. On the computer I ran the WinDV program, and loaded up a DV video file into the "Source file:" under the "Recording to DV device" tab. I then put the camcorder in the VCR mode with no tape loaded in the unit. I then followed the instructions in the ilo manual on how to record DV from a camcorder. Then I pressed the "Record" button twice in WinDV and I was now able to export the DV file from the computer to the ilo recorder! It seems you have to trick the ilo recorder into thinking it is getting the DV video stream from a camcorder, when it is actually getting it from a computer. It appears the ilo recorder cannot see the "Microsoft DV Camera and VCR" as a DV device, but using this work around it can. I believe that ilo could implement their recorder to see the computer with a software update to the DVDR04. Let me know if any of you people have any luck with this work around.
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  14. Cool trick!

    I know there is a lock so you cant feed directly from a Sat or cable box with firewire output. Was wondering the same thing of a "converter" to masage the data so to speak.

    It may be possible to create a small playback program that looks like a Camcorder. IE somthing for the iLo to controll. With the advent of firewire on basic recorders this option of Computer to DVR can be a intersting feature. Esp if it can go backwards!

    Wondering if I could possible put up a split screen. Basically a left = iLo and Right orginal?
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  15. There are new iLO DVD recorders at my Wal-Mart with 80GB hard drives. I didn't find out the price and the Web site dosen't have'em yet.
    In Ohio
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  16. None have shown up around here. Even tried a super one. I have seen a price of 275. But nothing solid.

    Oh The latest Walmart flyer had the base unit.
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  17. i got the dvdrhd04 model from walmart this week. 80gb seagate hd installed, gives up to 94 hours of recording on low quality record. couple things about the device i hope they can upgrade somehow via download:
    (1) can't start watching a recording while the show is still in the process of recording, nor can you pause during an actual recording. i don't see why this would be too difficult, especially for recording on the hard drive.
    (2) you have to turn the device off in order for a timed recording to start, if the device is on, it will miss the recording, how silly is that?
    (3) being able to watch a previously recording show while the device is recording something else would be great, maybe they can figure that one out too. maybe i'm just being overly optimistic, asking that this relatively cheap recorder be able to do stuff that the $400 plus panasonic models can do....

    by the way, the people at ilohelp online said it is theoretically possible to install a larger hard drive, i may try to do this when i find a spare 120gb or something. actually i was hoping it might be like my old replay tv, that actually allowed for 2 hard drives to be installed.... now if they can only tweak the os, and get rid of macrovision protection...
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  18. Member
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    How much did the dvdrhd04 model cost you???

    The Devil`s the Details!
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  19. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    Originally Posted by johnnobts
    (2) you have to turn the device off in order for a timed recording to start, if the device is on, it will miss the recording, how silly is that?

    and get rid of macrovision protection...
    VCRs have ALWAYS been like this, timed recording must be "off". Different agreements force MV protection on VCRs/recorders.
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  20. yes, vcrs have always been like this, but this is not just a vcr. i mean, am i the only one who think it has to be so hard for them to keep the thing powered on and still do timer recordings? you're asking the question, "why?" i'm simply wondering, "why not?"

    as to the cost, at my walmart, it cost me $278... the dvd recording is really good by the way. can you update the firmware on this? its a lite-on, need to check to see if there's a model number. hope more of you guys buy one so we can compare notes...
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  21. Hi! johnnobts.

    What you are describing { minus the HD part } is basically the function of the DVDR04 unit. Both have a slightly different chip set. Just went over the 8652 { DVD/HD} sheet but nothing on HD max size. Only thing is that the Burnner and HD are on seperat ports.


    (1) Can you tell it to record to the HD or DVD disk. Or are you locked into HD then DVD?
    (2) Speed to copy from HD to DVD.
    (3) Can it copy from DVD to harddrive.

    ADDED: Be greate to send out the firewire port!
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  22. thanks for the questions.

    1. you can select "target' on the remote or when doing a timer recording to select which source to copy to, and a nice blue indicator shines on the device and an indicator bar on the screen lets you know which you are copying on.

    2. you can record from dvd to hd, but not copyright protected stuff. actually i have some dvd backups i made using dvdx platinum i think i may try to copy to the hd to see if it works!

    3. you can record from the hd to the dvd, haven't done this yet so don't know how fast...

    i think from copying from hd to dvd, it would be nice if you could edit out commercials, that would be another great feature that they should implement. my hope is, the more people who buy the product, the more wiling they will be to update it... when i get all my work done this afternoon i'll pop open the case and show some pics of the device, maybe do some more testing.
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  23. whoops, i spoke prematurely,

    you cannot copy from dvd to hd... but you can copy from a dvd player to the hd of this recorder if macrovision is not a problem... my xbox will record to the ilo (its a modded box using xbmc, not the default dash dvd player).
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  24. Tnks for the answers!

    Yep got more!

    (1) The 64 billion dollar question is what is the format of the HD..... { Evil laughter goes here!!! }

    (2) Wonder how fast it can copy to a DVD disk?

    What is impressive is that the record quality seem to beat the stuffens out of the ADS box I bought a few weeks ago. Even after processing. Even the old DC10+ card seem to beat the ADS.
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  25. well as for the HD, the answer is its a regular eide 80gb seagate HD. I don't know is how the drive is partitioned or anything though. thought about taking it out and plugging it into my pc to look into it, again, i'll do it later tonight probably

    as for copying to a dvd disk, i'll give that a try right now, copying to a dvd+R, a one hour TV show (law and order CSI NY) recorded in SP mode. i'll let you know the time when its done...
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  26. Intersting information! Tnks for the insights on the unit.

    Wonder what it would do with a show longer that a disk.
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  27. it took 9 minutes and 12 seconds to copy a one hour show (SP) to a memorext dvd+r 4x disc. only took 30 seconds to finalize it... the disc plays great...
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  28. well, i imagine if it was a high quality hd recording that was too long and therefore too big to copy to the dvd, it would warn that it couldn't be copied. however, you can SPLIT VIDEOS on the HD. So i guess this means that i can edit out commercials when recording to DVD, i think. i'll ook into it
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  29. WOW! Thats quick! Wonder if the 8x media from them could mean its an 8x burnner?????

    Wonder if this variant has a Stereo tunner. The Base one does not.
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  30. dunno about 8X, don't have any blank media to test...
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