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  1. I see in at for $115. I have a Dav 311 on the way, but if it sucks, I'm gonna trade it for the Supertek.
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    Just because people report problems, doesn't mean a product "sucks". It's quite a good machine if you do things right. It's not as good, I admit, as many DVD Players like Apex, Sampoo etc. but it's much better than some.

    If you like a product, would you post a "hey I like my player" notice on here?

    I checked out the site and also came across the AVEX DM5. If you check the site you'll see above the image of the player they have a SVCD and VCD logo, but in the specs of the player it just mentions that it is capable of playing VCD's....hmmm makes you wonder

    Anyhow if you do get the Superetek, report us your experiences.
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