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  1. Since i reinstalled WinXP and i wanna encode a Avi file to a SKVCD i get an read error.
    the error occurres at different source positions...13% or 55%...ect.

    When the error occurres it says "read error occurred at address 00481564 of module 'TMPGEnc.exe' with 04953400"
    what does this mean, and how can i fix it...i tryed to encode 3 avi files and only 1 did finish.
    I tryed the other 2 more then 10 times, but i always get the error.

    can y'll help me out
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    i have nearly the same problem and it says: Read error occurred at address 0B5CE978 of module 'UtilsCUDA.vme' with 00000000

    What should i do to overcome this problem, help plz and thanks.
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    You didn't say which version of TMPGEnc you are using, but try disabling CUDA:

    Open regedit to

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Pegasys Inc.\TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress Trial with Movie Plug-in\General\CPUSettings

    (if you're using another TMPGEnc version, just open the corresponding HKEY)

    Next, search for all CUDAxxx entries, and set their values to 0.
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