I capture the video as mpeg2 with 48MHz and 256Kb/s MP2 audio (ATI 9600 AIW @352x480). I plan on making a DVD compilation eventually. Anyway, I demux the audio (TMPGEnc) and convert to PCM wav in Besweet for editing and convert to 44.1MHz. I normalize the sound, convert back to MP2 and remux (TMPGEnc). Everything plays fine on the PC. When I author the SVCD and playback on DVD player, the sound is somewhat jerky. There is no synch problem, it just sort of stutters periodically throughout the show. Does VCDEasy just not like the mpg files from my AIW? I suppose that I can just write the file to a disc and play the mpg on the dvd player and see how the sound is, that way I can narrow it down more specifically to VCDEasy.