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  1. Every DVD i have doesnt have an audio commentary in the background but i just bought Planet of the Apes and i can't figure out how to make a back-up of it and leave out the commentary by the director. HOW CAN I DO THIS????? PLEASE REPLY. LATERS.

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    Rip the dvd as usual. Select your favorite audio track in dvd2avi and frameserve to your favorite encoder.
    If you use smartripper, you can select the tracks at the stream processing tab.
    Keep in mind, .vob files, that were ripped in movie mode still contain all audio tracks. A software dvd player select one of these by random.
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  3. Or u can use graphedit or Vob2Audio to rip the audio you just need Smartripper to make you a lst file[to make it just go to option and select make a list-file] and your done

    If you use DVD2AVI you might get sync problems becuase DVD2AVI has problems and you have 50-50 percent to get out of sync problem
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    No one mentioned Flask Mpeg version 1.1

    It even tells you what the streams are.

    Japanese AC3
    English AC3

    I ripped my sailor moon dvd's so i can save battry power by reading them off my hdd instead of reading a DVD.
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  5. Flask to Mpeg sucks..

    Go to doom9's page at..oops almost posted the link. Can't do that any more..
    and d/l DVD2SVCD and get the best possible rip on earth.
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  6. dvd2avi->audio->track .... default is track 1..but sometimes that's where the director's commentary is, so select another track and try again...
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