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  1. Hi all! I am having a hard time ripping Planet of the Apes DVD without having all these behind the scenes pop-ups on the movie, plus they make the audio out of sync. I used smartripper (under files instead of movie) to rip the DVD and I found the movie files under VTS_10_0.IFO with FLASKMPEG and I picked the first angle with the first audio shown to encode and it has those behind the scenes in it. Does anyone have any advice for me?

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  2. Use CladDVD as your DVD ripper. It has a feature to skip multiple angles. I tried it on a movie title that has multiple angles and it works fine.
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  3. in my experience cladDVD is horrible when it comes to removing multiangles from vobs, especially when the vobs have alot of multiangles (i.e. T2 ultimate edition) smartripper and DVDdecryptor are really good at removing multiangles.
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