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    Have there been any recent developments on the WMV to anything-but front?

    I hate WMP but i encounter the occasional WMV file that i can't come by in any other format.

    I've read the posts about techniques involving video transcoding with ffmpegX (mencoder) and then hijacking the audio in one way or another using various iffy techniques.

    No clean ways of disposing of WMV's (other than trashing them)?

    If not, what would you wise folks recommend as the best way at this point to convert !^$@&^$% WMV files to something human friendly? Or even Mac friendly?

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    Ewww. wmv files!!

    The easiest, most painfree way to convert them will be to use a program such as snapz pro to capture the video into a quicktime format. That will be the easiest way for you to get a video you can actually use.
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  3. What about to convert to .wmv? (No, I don't have a choice)
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