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  1. And not as a good movie as I expected, too. But that's not the point. The whole menus were corrupt when I played this disc on my Pio stand alone. No sound was heard except some crackings here and there and I could see no animation, only frame-by-frame skipping. The options were accesible though. When I played the same disc on a mate's PC everything was OK, full sound and animated menus worked fine. Anybody had same problems with this disc? It had the R2-European rental one, with multiple subtitles/soundtracks. The rest of the disc played fine and I never had such problems with other discs. So I guess it was just bad programming/authoring and not my player at fault. Right?

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    Didn't had any problems with R2 PAL. Since the disk played fine on a mates PC, it seems to be authored/ encoded properly.
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