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  1. Has anyone used this new version much yet. I believe it has only been out for a few days but was wondering if it had the same bugs that version 5.0.590.015 did. Mostly wondering if anyone has used it while running bit torrent, ftping, or something similar that uses continuous bandwidth. Thanks for any info.
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  2. I found a little info if anyone cares:

    Looks like they might have worked out some of the bugs. I still haven't tried it out at all and would still like to hear some feedback from anyone that has. Thanks.
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    I think they've lost me to Kerio forever. It's too late.
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  4. I've tried most Firewalls and like ZA the best. I have version 4.xxxxx
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  5. Originally Posted by 888888
    I think they've lost me to Kerio forever. It's too late.
    Ditto... I really like Kerio.... I havn't found anything on my system (via Spybot or Adaware) since I loaded Kerio
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