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  1. I got a weird problem I was hoping maybe someone could help with. When I go to view system information in windows xp all I get is the help and support center. I checked the link and its linking to MSinfo32.exe which I'm pretty sure is the correct exe for viewing system information but help and support always comes up.

    Knowing that you can also get to system info from the help and support center I tried using that link under my computer information, view advanced system information, then view detailed system information(Msinfo32.exe). That link would also just cause a new help and support window to pop up. What can I do to get this back to normal?

    Edit: I made sure event log, management instrumentation, and remote procedure call services were enabled and running. Still no luck. systeminfo.exe will work fine in the command window. Any help would be appreciated.
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    FYI my system information link in the start menu links to the same file as yours does but opens system info. So it's the right link. Just thought I'd let you know.
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