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    This guide is to Convert OGM Anime to SVCD with permanent subtitle. Well i'm really not a professional in video editing so dont expect too much or any technical in this guide.I created it by searching many sites that had any sort of info on SVCD creating and by putting a little of all the methods I found I came up with a quick and easy way(that worked for me) to convert OGM into SVCD. Let me just say that i give most of credit to this guide to all the people that give there time to give helpful info on SVCD.

    Tools needed:

    - VirtualDubMod
    - dBpowerAMP Music Converter
    - Gordian Knot
    - TMPGEnc Plus
    - Nero 6

    On my PC i use K-Lite Codec Pack and for VirtualDubMod, you need the TextSub filter(can be found in the vsfilter.dll...we will see this later).

    Lets get started...

    1- Open you OGM file in VRDubMod and go into Stream >> Stream List.

    2- In the new window you should see something like this:

    Select the first Audio Stream and press on Demux and save it as .ogg . Then select the Text Stream and press on Demux and save it as .srt.

    3- Now select all the .ogg files, right-click and choose Convert To(Must have Audio codecs installed to convert ). Choose MP2 (Must have Audio codecs installed to convert )or MP3 and follow below:

    Make sure you choose MP2 and not Bwf MP2 if you decide to use that codec. Frequency should be 44100Hz and bitrate can vary(i choose 256 for MP2 and 160 for MP3)

    Note: You can repeat step 1 and 2 for all your OGM files and then select them all to convert them all at the same time.

    4- Once that is done, Open your OGM file in VRDubMod again.Now go into Streams >> Stream list and select each stream and press on Disable. Then press on Add and add the mp3 that corresponds to your file. When your done it should look like this:

    5- Now close that by pressing OK. Go into Video and select Direct Stream Copy. Then go into File and choose save as. This process shouldn't take long.

    6- Open Gordian Knob and under the Bitrate Tab press on Open at the bottom to open your AVI. Since this guide is for anime, you can usually fit 2 episodes on a 80min CD in the Total Rate area make sure you have 700 in the 1 CD= box and click on half CD button so your Total File Size is 350MB. Make sure the selcted Codec is DivX 5. Now look at the Video(100%). Under Average Bitrate take down that number because you'll need it for later.

    In all it should look like this:

    7- Open your AVI in VRDubMod and go to Video and select Full Processing Mode. Still in Video select Filters. Now you must add the TextSub Filter, but since it aint there by default, you have to go get it. You need to make sure that you have VobSub installed(comes in K-lite Codec Pack or just go download it). In the Filter screen, click on Add, then click on Load. Change the file type to DLL and go find the vsfilter.dll in C:\Windows\system32 and open it. Now in your list of filters you should see TextSub. Click on it and go get your .srt file that you Demux in step 2.

    8- Now that thats done you go back under Video and select Compression. In the list, choose DivX Pro 5.1.1 and click on configure in the right panel. In the Bitrate section put you Average Bitrate that you got from Gordian Knob in the kbps box.

    9- Now go to File >> Save as and save the avi.

    Note: Don't forget that you can do them all in a batch process but if in batch process you get an error that causes shutdown of VRDubMod do them one at a time.if possible try doing this step while you have something else to do cuz its a long wait.

    10- Once you AVI is done check it out to make sure you still go good quality. Now open TMPGENc Plus and in the Wizard choose NTSC Film under SVCD. In the next screen, under Video File choose your AVI. Under Audio File choose your mp3 from step 3 by change File type to all files.

    The reason you have to use your Audio file instead of just using the Audio on the AVI is because TMPGENc doesn't accept DIVX really well.

    For the TMPGENc settings I will give you what i used but that doesn't mean that it will work for you.

    11- Now all you got to do is burn the new MPG file to a CD with Nero. I use Nero 6 Nero

    Express. In Nero Express just choose SVCD and add your MPG file. Nero wont reconvert cuz it will take it as a valid SVCD format.

    That all folk!

    Oh!yeah... If you try to play your MPG file on your PC and you just get the audio, don't worry when you burn it, it should be was for me ....or you can download Elecard MPEG2 Player
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  2. First of all, you can't make a .mpg with the subtitles directly from TMPGEnc. Instruction are this.
    1. You need a few programs to make it work.
    a. VirtualDubMod
    b. TMPGEnc Plus 2.5
    c. Foobar2000 0.8.3
    d. Matroska Pack Full v1.0.2
    e. DivX 5.2 (DivX Codecs)
    f. mkvtoolnix plus the runtimes
    (Damn, that's a lot!)

    2. Now, Open the .MKV in VirtualDubMod to see if it donesn't crash or open with an error (if no message appears well you are in good way). If in otherway some of before happens, forget about putting the subs and the language.

    a. After it ones, go to "Streams->Stream List". Click on the last one (look where it says "Desc : Text Stream" and click on "Demux" and save it somewhere as "". Then hit "Ok"

    3. Open the the mmg.exe (located within the mkvtoolnix and extracted to a folder with the runtimes). Open the file "movie.mkv" and clickout the chekmarks in the track list. Ex, if you want the Korean language clickout the Video, english language and the subs. Click on "output filename" to save it somewhere as "movieaudio.mkv" and click on "Start Muxing".

    4. Open TMPGEnc Plus 2.5, in the "Project wizzard" hit Next,
    a. Open the "movie.mkv" on the "Video File".
    b. On "Video Type" put it in "Non-interlace" and in the "Aspect Ratio" on "4:3 525 line (NTSC)" and convert it to .mpg

    5. Open Foobar2000 0.8.3, click on "Playback" then to "Add Files..." add the files "movieaudio.mkv" to the list, right click on the file, click again on "convert to" and save it somewhere as "movieaudio.wav" Note: the audio will be converted to .wav so TMPGEnc could understand it.

    6. Open again VirtualDubMod, open the "movie.mpg".
    a. Click on "Video->Filters". Click on "Add" then "Load", change "Files of type" to "Windows Dynamic-Link Library (*.dll)" find the "VSFilter.dll" at "C:\Program Files\Matroska Pack" Then click on the "VSFilter.dll", click on Open.
    b. In the list of the "Filters" click on "TextSub" then "Ok". Look for the File named "" then hit "Ok". Now you have the Subs within the movie file.

    c. Click on "File-> Save as" save it somewhere as "moviewithsubs.avi", at the "Save as Type" change it to ".avi".
    d. Click on "Change" (Right side of "Compression"). Select "DivX 5.2.0 Codec"

    then hit "Configure", at the "Bitrate" Put it at Maximun, then "ok",

    then "ok" again and click "Save". This is going to take a while

    7. Open TMPGEnc Plus 2.5, in the "Project wizzard" hit Next,
    a. Open the "moviewithsubs.avi" on the "Video File"
    b. At "Audio File" hit on "Browse" and click on "movieaudio.wav".
    c. On Video Type Put it in "Non-interlace" and in the "Aspect Ratio" on "4:3 525 line (NTSC)" and convert it to .mpg

    Now you are done! Burn it with any VCD Utility. Enjoy!
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    Well my method works very well...i tested it myself. When I convert the AVI to MPG with TMPGEnc Plus, The AVI already has the permanent my method works...and could you remove your guide from this post...and open your own post to put your guide in
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  4. Well Saitoh, I was just trying to help everybody who fall in this problem with the Matroska files with the subs. I didn't know that this kind of replys could be wrong for you but like I say before, "I was trying to help anybody who was in this problem". I was on that kind of problem until I read your info (and it helped me a lot!, thanks for your post in advance), so take my post before for a alternate way to convert the MKV files to MPG Video. Don't take it personal, we are all on this converting things.

    I got one question, in some MKV files when you open it says,

    "MKV: Video frames seems to be weirdly ordered."
    "MKV: The video may have a variable framerate. If so we strongly advise you to use another tool to safely process your file."

    And you can do shit with the MKV file. The only thing you can do is to convert it with TMPGEnc to MPG.

    If you know something, let me know. Thanks...

    PS. And sorry about posting something on you post, I'm kind of new on posting messages and replying them. I just like to help anyone like you guys helped me. So THANKS!
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  5. VirtualdubMod is meanwhile not capable to handle MKV files anymore. If your MKV will open in VirtualdubMod, you are very lucky, but i wouldnt write a Guide based on it, because it will definitely fail on say 60 - 70% of the MKV files out there, especially those with RV9 video ( which is using VFR = Variable Framerate, like most modern video codecs ).

    VirtualdubMod is based on good old Virtualdub, which by itself is based on M$'s old Video for Windows ( VfW ) framework. Its mainly good for AVI, and thats it. Took us some time to realize that, but now development of MKV support in VdubMod is stopped and we are working on a new thing called TCME ( underlying platform is gstreamer ), a NLE video editor with MP4 and MKV output ......
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  6. And where I could find more about TCME? Thanks.
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    Sorry for my last post....i don't take it personnal. I didn't want to sound bad
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  8. ChristianHJW I have found out this way to open the MKV without using Virtualdubmod, It's some workfully but it can be done. This was regarding the question that I asked before about opening the MKV and getting the error on Virtualdubmod. Check out the guide I put there about this and tell me about it. Thanks!

    MKV to MPG
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    Thanks for your guide
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