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    I am making a vcd of a home video that I have for some relatives overseas in Asia. I'm not sure whether to select NTSC or PAL. I know that when I do it for my dvd player I choose NTSC..but they have a VCD Player..and videos there are usually PAL.
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    I think all VCD Players are PAL, you should go with that.
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  3. Actually, from what i've seen most VCD players support both.

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  4. If possible, choose the format that most closely matches their television sets, if you can find out which one that is.

    Early VCD players handled NTSC only. PAL was introduced as an option in version 2.0. This suggests the players can certainly handle NTSC. (All players can.)

    But you really want to match their TV sets. Most players can handle both NTSC and PAL VideoCDs, but many players will only output a signal like that on the disc. Inexpensive Philips players are like this: if you put a PAL VideoCD in a Philips 825, an NTSC TV will have trouble with the signal.
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