I'm having some issues with my DVD Player and burning MP3 discs with ID3 Tags.

I was excited when I first saw that my DVD Player could actually display ID3 information, but now it's doing some strange things and I don't know where to focus as to the problem.

I am using MP3Tag to create and edit the ID3 Tags.

I am assuming that my DVD Player can only read ID3 version 1 or 1.1 tags, so I am only inputing the SONG, ARTIST, ALBUM, and YEAR. I am also using the COMMENT portion that just says "Encoded By Jeff Brewer".

The only thing I'm not doing is inputing a GENRE. I don't really care for using that aspect of ID3 Tags.

Sometimes, my DVD Player will display the GENRE as "Blues", even though when I load it into a software that reads ID3 Tags, there is NO GENRE at all!? Other strange things are:

1) Will not display the YEAR and the COMMENT from discs that I've been burning lately, even though it reads & displays them fine on a disc of MP3 Christmas music that I made over a year ago using EZ CD Creator.

2) One song it displays the album as "rBigdae" even though the software reads it as the actual album which is "Brigade".

3) For one song titled "Drinking in L.A.", it reads the SONG as "Drinking in L" and the artists as "A".

That's all I can remember for right now....

The MAIN thing that I am not understanding is why I can't get it to display YEAR and COMMENT...and why it will sometimes show the GENRE as being "Blues" even though I never associated one with any song!?

I am using NERO to burn the discs and I'm wondering if that has something to do with it?? Is there any other good Freeware MP3 burning software out there?