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  1. Anyone who has files with synchronised audio that become desynchronised when put on a DVD here is the solution:

    Demultiplex the files before importing them into DVDWS!

    DVDWS can't handle the demultiplex phase with some files, and remultiplexes them with audio out of sync. Demultiplex the files to m2v and mpa using a program such as Tmpg. If you get a file with the "m1v" extension, rename it to "m2v" or DVDWS won't accept it. Similarly, rename "mp2" to "mpa". Now DVDWS will have no problem multiplexing the final build.

    This solution only applies to files which normally have good audio sync. If the original file has sync problems, see my post "How To Fix Audio Sync Problems 102"
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    my sync problem isnt that its bad in the original avi. its that the first 24sec or so its in color and then switches to black and white in the movie, and the audio only syncs with the black and white putting ot off by 24 secs.

    will dvdsw fix this? and how?
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  3. There are some simple audio sync problem fixes here. After spending hours on the ones I found on this site, I came across that page. I used the one toward the bottom of the page, which requires no rendering of any kind and my avi was fixed! (What a waste of time, going through all that de-muxing and re-muxing.)
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