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  1. Howdy Folks....

    I have a problem changing the region code of my
    LG4020 in XP...

    I have 1 change left so this is OK.

    The error i get is :

    "Unable to change DVD region - please ensure you have a region 4 DVD in the drive and have administration privilege"

    I have put a region 4 DVD in the disk, and have logged on as an administrator, so i don't know why i am getting this error....

    Anybody know a fix to this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated....


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    use DVD REGION KILLER, it's a freeware program
    use mirror 3 to download the program
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  4. Thanks for your help Folks...

    There are many methods to get around region locking etc..
    Call me demented and sad - I WANT to lock my burner
    to region 4, but XP (or something else) won't let me do it!

    Both microshaft and LG support have been next to useless in this regard.

    any more clues and there could be a Tooheys in it for ya!


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