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  1. I've spent about two weeks trying to make progress on this problem and I could really use some help if anyone has any to offer.

    I have a cd that was made with Flipalbum 5.5 that has about 100 jpegs on it that I want to extract. The problem is that the jpegs are encrypted and the only way to view them is by running the .exe thats on the disc. I've done a lot of searching to try to figure out what kind of encryption flipalbum uses and i've had no luck.

    I installed the same version of flipalbum on my machine and tried to import the cd project however when i did i got an error telling me that the project was corrupt. The project on the disc was created by someone else so I'm thinking is checking for a license key possibly but I'm not sure.

    If anyone has any info on this i would greatly appreciate any help.
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    I know this isn't what your after and won't give you the entire image if they are larger than they are viewed but you can do a screen capture with most higher end image software.
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  3. I've thought of that and I might have to resort to it if I can't come up with any other options. I don't know the dimensions of the pictures so I could easily be losing quality or some of the picture if I do a screen capture. This software is only about $100 so I don't think this encryption as complicated as something that does 128M bit encryption but I don't know for sure. I'm gonna keep trying to make progress. Anymore ideas or solutions would be great. a pm is fine too.
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