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    I got a Leadtek WinFast 2000 XP Deluxe couple weeks ago. I installed hardware and drivers according to instructions with no problems. The first time I try to watch TV using the included software, it just hangs as if it cannot detect the card. So I tried several other recommended utilities from the Tools section on this site with the same result. I had a Pinnacle DC10+ installed, so I took that out and put the Leadtek in that slot. Eventually I set some PCI settings in the BIOS to the Fail-Safe setting and it started working.

    Well for whatever reason I've had to reinstall the drivers/softwares yesterday. Now I have the same problem again, and I haven't changed the BIOS settings or PCI slot. Anyone have any ideas? I've already tried updating the Leadtek driver, VIA4in1 driver. Is there some PCI slot settings I can try? There seems to be lots of Interrupt settings associated with the PCI slots in the BIOS, but I have no idea how to control the specific slot it's in or what should be set. Help!?

    Soyo KT600 Dragon Plus Ver. 1 with XP2000+
    768MB PC2700 RAM
    AGP 8x Ti4200
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  2. I have that same card and it never had any of those problems.

    I'd exchange it for a new one
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