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    Hi All!

    A bit of background: I just completed my first home video (Hi-8 ) to DVD transfer. I spent hours editing, cleaning-up, and encoding the material and creating a spiffy menu system for it all, in preparation of impressing the family with the wonders of home video on DVD.
    However, when I played my test (-RW) DVD in my player half the clips had this horrible jerkiness/smearing during motion. I was so disappointed!
    I thought to myself "I'll check out the Videohelp forums, somebody must know what's causing this". After a couple of quick searches there was indeed other people who have had this problem, and the general suggestion was to check the Field Order (top or bottom). I had been encoding with bottom field first (being the default, and not knowing any better).
    Well, it pans out that my AVI's are Top field first (a trap for young players I guess), but I didn't want to re-encode all my AVI clips. The utility Pulldown.exe was brought to my attention in a related post so I tried it out. It works a treat! It changed my *.mpv files to Top field order very quickly and easily.
    I re-compiled the DVD and voila! Everything looks great!

    Basically, I just wanted to say a big THANKS to those who (unknowingly) contributed solutions to my problem. Kudos to Videohelp!

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    so people -do- search the forums for problems! the number of times the same questions get asked i'd started to wonder..........
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