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    I am from Australia. Does anyone know about digital TV copy protection: CGMA - Copy Guard Management System?

    I was shocked to learn there is copy protection on HDTV using a DVD/HD recorder coming from a HD digital recorder.

    I want to confirm from someone that this is true and this does also apply to SDTV?

    So what is the point of buying a digital recorder having digital TV copying restrictions and looks as though I may have to cancel purchase of such a digital recorder.

    The PCs PVR and the VCR works fine recording from a HDTV Channel.

    I am not sure on the digital recorder and can someone give me some light on this?

    Is there any way to defeat this madness like a macrovision hack?
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    as far as i understand it:
    In america, there is a flag in DTV streams that can prevent copying. however, hardware manufacturers do not have to honour this flag, most cards simply ignore it. however, legislation may change forcing manufacturers to honour the flag. if this happens then cracked drivers/firmware won't be far behind.....
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