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    The discs used by Matsushita in its new machine are different to those used by Sony. The Sony recorder uses single-layer discs with a 23GB capacity encased in a cartridge, while Matsushita's discs, in addition to being a different capacity, are in an open cartridge that the company says will become the standard for Blu-ray Disc.

    As a result of the differences there are some compatibility issues. While the Sony 23GB discs can be played back and used for recording in the Matsushita machine, using Matsushita discs with the Sony recorder presents some problems.

    Sony says its machine is incompatible with the new Matsushita discs. A Matsushita spokesperson says playback of the 25GB discs in the Sony machine is possible although it takes about 90 seconds to recognize the disc. The 50GB discs cannot be used.

    Matsushita says it has no plans to launch the DMR-E700BD outside of Japan. Plans for overseas versions will depend on the development of the HDTV market in the respective countries, says Shuda.
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    Hmmm, VHS vs. Beta yet again??
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